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not the trouble explain more

Le 27 août 2014, 09:41 dans Humeurs 0

When sea beach spent a holiday, encountered the rock sinking into from about 10 meters eminence to shoot to die.The local fire fighter spokesman said, the fire fighter received to report to the police a telephone to say, a the old woman person is from 10 meters eminence overhanging cliff sunk into of 5 kilogram the heavy rock hits in.When the fire fighter arrives to matter hair location, this old woman person is dead.Report to point out, in addition to in brief tell a victim is a 70 years old French female who is spending a holiday, above-mentioned spokesman not the trouble explain more.Added a Luo Ni second police of Tai to say, all evidences expressed that this are"accident".(The practice edits and translates:Square, Zhao Chun, reviews a draft:Wang Li nike free 5.0 v4 women's shoeLan)medium the new net give or get an electric shock England ferment to escape from EU on August 19 and take England as American banking of European business base to feel worried.Report and acquaint with American bank and spend ensign group and the news personage of Morgan Stanley to point out according to the 19th of financial Times  in England, several Wall Street banks have already started preparing and planning should to the project, initial plan is move into Ireland in the business base of England currently, but plan belongs to "initial stage".Win a new net to give or get an electric shock to report according to Japanese newsletter agency on August 19, defend a bureau formally and launch Pu for sky for Okinawa act for the sea homework of the construction of facilities one matter, Japan

Below the hills the communist secretary bureau chief Fang was born in the news conference judgment on the 18th, "Anne doubly the political power sprinkle oil on the people's fury of Okinawa".For at halt the American solider of day Pu sky destination in the moving of airport(proper wild gulf City, Okinawa County)-the county's protect city side the wild thou littoral region carry on filling sea to build ground, Okinawa defends the bureau established to used for a bottom of sea drilling survey on the sea surface of float a ship, begin to develop a bottom of sea survey.To this, below the hills call on the news conference, "Anne doubly the political power attempt with that this keeps new base construction from becoming autumn to know a matter to elect of a little bit nike free 3.0 v4 men's shoeshot, is really superficial.It so and on the contrary is fury in county people to sprinkle oil."In addition, the side wild thou moves to plan opposition faction to develop a protest activity to send a several boats to sail into homework the spot neighborhood for the on the water, but be obstructed by the small boat of the sea public security hall.Report on August 18 according to everyday post  in England, a rightness of the newly married couple that comes from British Lincolnshire discovers when the degree over honeymoon returns to in home, oneself house each cornerses are all stuck full the convenience stick.Hero's rice and Ai rice Li are a rightness of newly married couples.On August 1, they are under the witness of friends and relatives after the completion wedding, rush through to leave for Italy to add Er to reach lake, carried on honeymoon trip for one week.This pretty much trusts their to the husband and wife

The friends then gives them the key of home and entrusts them to come over to feed cat for two of him every day.However, but these friendses are to feed cat so simple.They spend for 8 hours and stick in the corner of two of him's room full 14,000 conveniences stick, in the new net give or get an electric shock to report according to Malaysia star continent newspaper  on August 19, on the 18th, Thai military government leader Ba Yu puts forward 2015 wealth every year degree the draft budget, national defense and education budget significantly increase.Ba Yu emphasizes that military authority at return the government is at the people before ruling"time isn't much".According to this draft budget, Thailand educates a part to go together with to nike free run 2 womens498,160,000,000 Tai Baht(match about CNY 96,000,000,000 dollars)s, compared with 2014 fiscal years, increased 3.2%, have 19.5% in all budgets.Ba teaches to list as an education reform to remould a nation and resume the partial plan of political stability.Moreover, the budget of the national defense compares to increase 5% in 2014 in 2015, about 193,070,000,000 Tai bahts.(match about CNY 37,200,000,000 dollars)Report to call, in the tradition, Thailand each time after returning to take place coup, the military expenditure will increase.Ba Yu said that if don't increase budget, purchase new weapon, "no one will fear us".Ba Yu said that military government of ruling time remains not much, whole country and

this is basinet genocide of article

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The boundary report announced on August 17 for  this is basinet genocide of article, author for Spanish battle front doctor beard Anne ·Louis Si ·Nai Yi ·the Suo give Ma Yue Er.He calls in the article and faces barbarism, I can not shut my own last eyes, this is a part that I work.They appear in front of me every day, I don't think cold place, if I do so be disobeyed my own principle and to the living comprehension.Win a new net and give or get an electric shock and report on the 19th according to Russia Mei on August 19, Ukraine president wave Luo state section at and German chancellor's Mo gram in the phone connection discussed nike air max 95 for saleand then solving of the Er black eastern conflict continues and has a conversation of possibility.Both parties unanimously think that the next move should hold key figures to meet with.The pronouncement of the mansion official site of Ukraine president points out that Ukraine president thankful German chancellor is effort that black eastern situation does, and spoke favorably under help of the German government, Germany, Ukraine, France and Russian foreign minister smoothly held talks everywhere.And black virtuous both parties unanimously think, for finding out the project of solving Ukraine crisis, the next move is to want to hold head of state class talks.Two country leaderships still inquired into in EU participating in under continue to have a conversation the possibility of solving Ukraine crisis

.Ukraine government the beginning have launched in the east of Ukraine since mid- April special military operation to crack down on the protest activity that the occurrence has the political power of national coup evidence to change in succession to cause in February.The Moscow thinks that the radicle assists an activity to fasten to send punitive expedition an activity, and appeal that the international society adopts the whole measure to immediately stop the activity.On August 17 Russia, virtuous, method, black four foreign exhibition black eastern situation problem hold to meet with in Berlin, meeting after virtuous, Russia two abroad long all mean on a lot of problems to make progress.Report on August 18 according to the Reuter's, Ukraine military authority said, black government soldier in the nighttime combine to keep on into the battle on the daytime of the 18th kiss the separation nike air max 2013 buy onlinedoctrine of Russia bore arms to exert pressure.They surrounded the Luo man card town in Al Gore whom the rebellious troops captures, and was controling a little bit small communities of several scales of the east of Ukraineses.A pronouncement of military authority said that the military authority doubts rebellious troops at Nie Ci the gram made use of the Russia system"hurricane" guided missile system to carry on to return shot by the new card Jie Lin Ni man card village neighborhood of south, this was the first time rebellious troops used this kind of weapon.The pronouncement has never mentioned to engage both parties' dead and injured circumstance, the rebellious troops didn't immediately make to declare to the pronouncement.Report on August 18 according to the Russia new agency, on the morning of the 18th troops Hui in Ukraine

Reply Nie Ci gram to shoot toward.Report to call, the explosion voice is from Nie Ci gram the south and the north, Nie Ci gram second west Nu tower the north of tile City in the suburb spreads.Win a new net to give or get an electric shock to report on the 18th according to the outside Mei on August 19, recently, several cities in England launch a vigorous protest demonstration activity, oppose government expansion to make use of underground water power to press the personage whom the crack method mines shale spirit.The protester is in the method that was ex- to carry out a vehemence protest in the relevant government mansion door of cities, such as London and Si prosperous west...etc..They use industrial glue of strong dint to glue they in nike air max 1 for saleconstructing the government mansion, for the purpose of the biggest degree cause public attention.Protester said that they adopt the protest activity of national scope, the purpose is the disaffection of an environment valuation report that expresses and lately announces to the government.The protester said that the government deleted to report medium relevant the water power press to split 63 contentses that the method mines shale environment harm.Police's spokesman said that they the morning get someone is in reporting to the police of the government demonstration in the mansion door, and send a police to keep order.Cite on August 18 according to the method Mei"20 minutes.frs" the new agency of method reports, Spanish the region fire fighter means, August 18 local time, a 70-year-old French visitor adds Tai in Spain Luo Ni second one is famous

strike one matter to the modern

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Mean on the tallest member of committee meeting that Wu Xing convenes in the Korea's congress on that day, the average age of old grandmother of luckily survive is 87.2 years old, Japan may be expecting only left news that 54 old grandmothers all die.The government should give to correspond support, make people not forget comfort woman's victim to combine related education to carry on the Japanese doctrine unruly conduct to student.Go on strike one matter to the modern Kia car labor union in addition, gold Wu Xing said, "under the sistuation that face numerous difficulties, labor union's going on strike by all means will produce impact to the car industry as well as to the economic creation of Korea negative influence.Hope the modern car labor union realizes the influence that goes on strike resolution and do patriotic judgment".Win a new net to give or get an electric cheap nike free 3.0 v2 shock according to the dynasty to report in the agency on August 19, the 4th first international merchandise exhibition to Luo on the 18th at Luo first the city draw back a purdah, the party in government is fresh to go into business of the multinational personnel attended opening ceremony.Report to call, attend the personnel of opening ceremony at Luo first exhibition to gold the day become to respectfully dedicate flower basket with Kim Jong-il's bronze statue and mean esteem.The current Division of Exhibition Wei meeting member of committee is long and Luo first city people committee member of committee long Cao positive Hao and department concerned staff and Luo first citizen, some national representatives with join the exhibition a company and at Luo first the economic trade area go into business of the foreigner attended opening ceremony.Many

Personage at to opening phrase and He phrase point out, Korea strongly pushes forward economic development, is development and make to live Luo first economic trade area to beat next system and law foundation, freely carried on re-exports trade, processing trade and tour to make sight-seeing trip to create beneficial environment for business enterprise and company of several nations in the world and region.The personnel who attends opening ceremony still visited to come from Korea to wait nike free 3.0 v4 cheapnation to add up to more than 100 electric applianceses electronics product, light industry product, food, daily necessity, drugs and conveyance tool etc. that the units release.Win a new net to give or get an electric shock to report according to the outside Mei on August 19, August 18 local time, American Huang Shi's national park an officials said, a 8-year-old girl took a wrong step and dropped into 167 meters death on the small way of 365 meters high canyon edge on the 17th.According to report, spokesman Na Shi in the park says, that girl and family all walks in the famous small way top of Huang Shi's grand canyon on the 17th and goes to the view view that can see the park's biggest waterfalls set.That is as long as 32 kilometers, a geology structure to form.Rescue worker's personnel in the park multiplies by a helicopter to lean against a rope to descend to valley bottom and finds out that girl's body.The girl's Allah from wave in California Wei town second inside dropped into at that time disorderly stone Tu of one rise of district.Huang Shi Gong

Park the visitor is up to 300 myriad people annually, the Na Shi says and only has a quite a little visitor because the trouble dies in this national park.But these troubles also remind people, have to raise a vigilance while walking into the ground of wilderness, while paying attention to personal safety, also want to keep in mind a circumferential person.Disclose on the 17th and pacified country an absolute being agency to face to the agency report of sponsoring the group to pacify country  to still jot down according to the common agency in addition to the military authorities like military officer,etc related personage in days in halting of American solider outside at least 25 nationses visits visits like"visit building",etc to pacify country the matter of absolute being agency for paying respects to, attendant routine big fiesta, .Call "the military officer of Germany, Israel and India and Turkey visits particularly many", "military officer in spring all countries after collectively paying respects to, is pacifying country annike free 5.0 v4 online absolute being agency to appreciate a reporting of plum flower to have 7 at least.It is thus clear that, not long since pacify country the platform that the absolute being agency becomes military officer exchanges in all countries".The outside Mei said that the commanding officer of tallest NATO means in the interview appears in newspaper on the 17th, if Russia tries a general brigade to seep into a certain NATO nation, which afraid is to be like to annex by force Crimean to don't wear a soldier to pack so before at it, NATO will also give a military return shot.Report to call, Ukraine and western national government are waiting and seeing now, see whether Russia will appear publicly to support circumstances difficulties of black

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